Grigory Burenkov

The founder and CEO of Wheelerson Management and owner and board member of the Osomе Group.


Grigory Burenkov is a seasoned investor and assets manager with background in tax, corporate finance and investments management.

In 2016, he moved out from Russia and founded Wheelerson Management Ltd. The Company, that specializes in investments in businesses across Asia, the USA, and Europe, and has offices in Cyprus and the UAE.

He began his professional career at Ernst & Young and Deloitte.

In 2023, Grigory Burenkov merged his investments holding Osomе Group into the assets of Wheelerson Management. Business interests of the combined group span the globe (excluding CIS countries) and focus on investments in green energy and financial institutions.


Born in 1980 in a family with a strong academic traditions in economics, this shaped Grigory’s future career. He earned a degree in “Money, Banking and Finance” from Middlesex University Business School, followed by a diploma in “International Corporate Finance” from the first year of studies combining his studies with the work in the banking system.
In 2002, Grigory Burenkov accepted a job offer from Ernst & Young, where he worked as a senior consultant in the international tax planning group.
In 2007, he moved to Deloitte, where he managed projects providing services on international tax planning, tax structuring, and transactions for asset acquisitions, IPOs, eurobond issues, and more.

After 7 years in consulting, he decided to try himself in the investment sector.

Later, he decided to change his career direction again and moved into the energy business sector.
In the autumn of 2016, Grigory Burenkov moved to Cyprus where he believed he could fully realize his potential, knowledge, and accumulated global connections. The decisive factor was Grigory’s ambition to create and develop his own business, rather than pursue a career within corporate structures.

He lives in Limassol. Married. He met his wife during his university years, and they have been together for more than 20 years. The couple has three children: two daughters and a son.